Why I did it the All in One SEO Pack

Why I did it

The current event is my main blog which I update fairly regularly. My Jerusalem Post blog is where I feel I publish more themed work of a conservative nature. I haven’t changed my plug-in’s much since starting my blog earlier this year. Today, I downloaded the All in One SEO Pack from WordPress.org.

All in One SEO Pack

I have been using Yoast but kept hearing recommendations from other blogs and bloggers about the All in One SEO pack. So here it goes I am going to be busy this week updating my posts incorporating this new plug in’s features. Why I did it The next update to my writing will include a one-year subscription to Grammarly Premium so I can work on all of my writing.

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Grammarly Premium can improve your writing

My writing most likely has typos and other errors. Jerusalem Post catches them when I submit to them. I have recently purchased another domain name meaning I now own four domain names. The main one is www.thecurrentevent.ca which also has a security certificate meaning it is safe to join my blog or browse the articles. I have www.jacobdeveaux.ca as well as www.oceanmystic12.com and the most recent is www.alittleaboutme.ca… these all bring you to the current event. The All in One SEO Pack can improve your writing for the web. Further reading

Why I did it

The new domain name will most likely be the name of a new blog I would like to publish before January. I have a plan for the release of a lifestyle blog for average bloggers looking to become more involved in their hobby. These posts which I hope to publish won’t necessarily be for monetization. I have tried monetizing blogs but it requires a lot of extra work and if you following isn’t big enough it’s a lot of work for nothing. I like blogging to publish my ideas and daily thoughts not necessarily to become rich though that would be nice.

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