Toronto police officer takes down a Terrorist

Toronto police officer takes down a terrorist.

After living in Toronto for a number of years though not any longer I knew that area quite well. I lived just up the road from there where the tragedies took place. I met the Toronto police on occasion so I’m not surprised that the officer was able to take down the terrorist. It isn’t hard to imagine that a police officer is braver than a cowardly terrorist. Toronto police officer takes down a terrorist coolly into custody!

Right now I am not aware of much of the incident though I know it was already discussed on Parliament Hill by the PM and the opposition as well I’m sure by everyone there. Hopefully, the officer will be recognized by them for his actions. I feel all the first responders at the scene will be rewarded with praise by the country or the city of Toronto itself.

You can’t be sure of the man’s true motives nor was he just mentally ill until we find out more. I’m sure it will all come out including if he worked alone or the permanent damage done to the lives of his loved ones who may or may not have been aware.


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I’ve seen many terror attacks

I’ve seen many terror attacks on the news but seeing it in Canada again? Especially it being more severe than the one in my city Edmonton is terrible. In Edmonton the officer attacked was also very brave and able to survive the attack. He defeated the terrorist who launched that mindless attack. The victims there as well as in Toronto received Canada’s best healthcare possible.

I’m not a first responder but I wondered if in the moments of the takedown. Is the terrorist just another felon to the officer. Could it be fairly easy to process the crimes that man has done? How is it possible to take him into custody while he pointed his firearm at the officer? Obviously, the officer had experience or the training to properly handle a gun situation under the most extreme circumstances. I wonder now with the question” what does it take?”


Toronto van attack: The cop who didn’t shoot –

There have been a lot of these. London. Munster. Berlin. Barcelona. Paris. Nice. Stockholm. It’s hard to recall the details of any one specifically or to tell them apart. There’s a van or a car. Often it is rented. The driver steers it into a crowd, killing as many pedestrians as he can.

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