The MS St Louis and the PM’S Apology-How it affects my blog writing

Canada is always a progressive country

The MS St Louis and the PM’S Apology-How it affects my blog writing

Canada is always a progressive country which makes me proud sometimes to think of my country in that way. Apologizing to those perished from the MS St Louis is very important to me. The PM and anyone supporting the PM on that issue deserves some applause. During the times of the BDS movement or during the current rise of Anti-Semitism our country needs to be watchful. The MS St Louis and the PM’S Apology-How it affects my blog writing.

Hopefully, someone can get word to Mr. Abbas of the Palestinian authority that Canada rejects antisemitism as a progressive nation should. Antisemitism doesn’t make me angry at other people. Antisemtism makes me inclined to offer support to the victims of that bias. One day it may be possible to eliminate antisemitism or racial prejudice of any sort with proper mental health screening.

Accountability for everyone

People who hold political positions often face scrutiny over beliefs or past behaviors. That is not always the case for those who promote antisemitism or racial prejudice outside of North America. Within North American borders there is still much prejudice. Those who promote HATE are prosecuted or investigated in North America before being seriously reprimanded.

Bullying has happened in political venues or on the web against the Premier of Alberta. The investigations of incidents such as these do come into the spotlight once in a while. It doesn’t seem to be performed by those seeking to challenge her in the next election.

I saw one person who did speak out in a hostile manner against her in a public place but white nationalism was that man’s agenda. White nationalism is a dangerous scary topic. The web may be a place for voicing different opinions but not hostile ones. Outing violent talk on the web is something someone won’t be reprimanded for unless they commit the same acts in the forum they are on. Blog nicely

Canada has ways to contact authorities with suggestions on how to govern or introduce topics which may be taken into consideration. You can submit letters to the editor of many publications to voice your views if they are acceptable. I wouldn’t want to be the one to face the scrutiny of those who felt I published inappropriate comments against those elected to office.

Trudeau to offer formal apology in the Commons for fate of MS St. Louis | CBC News

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will deliver another official apology in the House of Commons, this time over the fate of the MS St. Louis. “When Canada denied asylum to the 907 German Jews on board the MS St.

Right now Alberta despite facing suggested huge election issues is most likely the best province to live in or be a guest of. Edmonton has many nice attractions with the promise of having more every year. On a personal level I am not facing the huge problems talked about on the web or in media. I love Alberta and hope those who are not happy here can find new hobbies or join groups that help them obtain a new outlook.


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