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The best things about blogging are in the personal arena, not the public persona. I have enjoyed being published on JPost for some time now beginning in 2017 I believe. Before that, I had put a few blogs one on a personal advice site with my next endeavor being operating my own blog.

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I spoke about politics from a conservative point of view (mine) terror and various issues which most likely left the reader wondering what this man is about. I could say what I wanted because it was my blog but it didn’t give me the credibility JPost bloggers have. Hopefully, someone reading my blog will be inspired to start blogging from their own site.

Recently, a little article I had written was published with me obtaining a meaningful gift, card, and copy of the publication. I was so thrilled with it being my first publication to be in other than JPost the exception being Ocean Mystic 12 or the current event.

Lately, I have considered myself a writer rather than only being an opinion blogger. Maybe, I can branch out to writing researched articles for other bloggers. I would like to become a blogger with articles popular like my one piece The Rise of Blogs on JPost.

My history as a blogger is pretty good considering my education doesn’t include university writing courses. I have an interest in studying journalism as a new occupation in my future. Journalism and blogging isn’t the same thing but one could inspire the other. Please enjoy my blogging and send me a note on your blog sometime.

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Israel is a good topic to mention on JPost I feel being that Jerusalem is situated there. It is the capital city now which most people would most likely have believed if the country was mentioned. From my country Canada I find that Israel isn’t always the top topic. Judaism isn’t the issue itself it is most likely because Israel is, for the most part, a safe place.

Jerusalem is a vacation spot with beaches and nightlife like Cancun which only shows up in travel information rather than news stories. It is also the epicenter of the Holy Land shared by many people who visit from around the world. I would like to see peace in Syria and the Middle East so Jerusalem can become not only prosperous from reconstruction but help those surrounding areas with its famous Israeli generosity.

Christians who travel to the Holy Land must find a good reward later on. Jews who perform their pilgrimage must also cherish their memories. I grew up looking at the occasional maps of the Holy Land in books of a religious nature. I read about the Holocaust which affects me to tears when I think of it during memorial days. This is how I feel on Remembrance Day in Canada as well.

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Benjamin Netanyahu is more often in Canadian news that Israel is as a separate topic. BDS is a dead topic here like is happening in the US for the most part. Syria and other Middle Eastern countries are for the most part related to us in tragic ways. I wish peace would come to the whole region.

I don’t understand for myself violence in the news so often when religion is discussed. Since I was very young I considered Jewish people to be a people blessed more strongly by God. Jealousy is what I had considered often when viewing photos of how beautiful women connected to Israel are.

Instagram is a good place to see how wonderful a country Israel is especially while lately, I figured out how to connect on there with others. I don’t see as many pictures of Holy sites but the nightlife and the beach life during the day. The skyline of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem is fantastic when looking at it on local Israeli Instagram posts.



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