Progress of my Blog

Progress of My Blog

Blog SEO is something I am working on now which I will relate to you. As progress takes place I will give up to date reports. The progress of my blog is a major goal of mine right now. From GoDaddy, I have purchased website visibility, plus I have an SEO plug-in called Yoast. I have the free version of Yoast but intend on getting the Premium version soon. Yoast also teams up with Ryte which can crawl your blog. This is in simulation to what Bing or Google would find etc. which would point towards your blog.

Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO Plugin * Yoast

Yoast SEO is an all in one WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin handles the complete technical optimization of your site for search engines. It also helps you write content visitors like to read, by giving readability advice. There’s a reason Yoast SEO is the industry standard for optimizing WordPress sites!

Another plug-in which can help the progress of my blog is kind of cool to use Analytify. Analytify gives quick performance reports back to you on how your blog is performing. It will be as in keyword search or which page is viewed etc.  I have used Yoast on another blog which I just used the free version it tightened up my SEO quite a bit.


With my WordPress blogging platform, I have the C panel option which gives me an easy look at my messages. These other options are from one location. C Panel was recommended by GoDaddy. They even told me which is how great the staff there are. Plus how to make the most of my SEO by using the Yoast for that. With Yoast, I can upload five keywords as in comparison to the one with the free version.

I intend on purchasing an SSL certificate as recommended by Go daddy. The SSL I intend on purchasing can be from them. Apparently, with an SSL certificate, you won’t see so many people leave your blog according to the analytics reports you can get from Google.

Tags and Grammarly

Tags are something which I will do some research on to see if the reach it gives can be optimized. Grammarly Premium which edits your writing has been wonderful for me. For a while now I let it lapse because I wanted to see if I could do more edits on my own. Using a dictionary is a good idea with sentence structure being important. Unintentional plagiarism can be avoided with the purchase and proper use of Grammarly. You also avoid using recurring words plus many other features.

From looking at my current SEO scores I have a list of which posts need SEO improvement. There are a few posts so far which may mean I will edit some that have already been posted. Embedly is something you may notice I used to add content from other sites. It works really well and easy as the YouTube feature on my posts. You can customize your Dashboard to work the way you need it to cover the time you learn to use it. Customize is possible often such as adding video and photos to headers and footer etc. I like working on the technical side of my blog.

Confidence in blogging

Later when I have some confidence in the direction my blog is heading. Then maybe I will focus on how to work my YouTube channel to success. It may require some effort in the way of watching many other channels and asking myself questions on should I do that. Google is a good friend in answer help to those situations. Google everything you hear which may sound appealing to a YouTuber audience or those you wish to view your blog. One friend of mine mentioned starting a YouTube channel which makes me happy to hear I could belong to a community.

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