Our Human Rights Standards Must be Kept

Bloggers Have our Human Rights

Right now we (Canada) are stepping into the spotlight for our human rights. I’m a blogger so if Canada is protecting a blogger from another nation because of freedoms that I am pleased. There are many good things about Saudi Arabia but we most likely will never see them for ourselves.

9/11 did mostly have Saudi backing and financing etc. Now some students are intimidating us with pictures of our CN tower being attacked. We can let them get away with it which is what I thought would happen though apparently not. Let’s celebrate our human rights by standing up now.

Toronto skyline-wiki media commons
Toronto Skyline

We Don’t Need Saudi Oil

Please don’t jump on the bandwagon to deport Saudi’s. I have watched lately that women in Saudi received driving licenses. If any of our Saudi students leave Canada in protest as described could happen with the help of their government than no entry ever again then let’s see our PM and other elected officials stand their ground because we have our own oil anyways.

Saudi Arabia’s moves against Canada expected to resonate in region | CBC News

Saudi Arabia’s decision to expel Canada’s ambassador and freeze new trade deals will resonate domestically and send a clear message to other countries, including those in the region, analysts said Monday. Saudi Arabia announced the measures Sunday, days after Global Affairs Canada tweeted its concern about the arrests of civil society and women’s rights activists in the country.

Our Human Rights can be Shared

The PM doesn’t need to apologize to Saudi as an end for their disagreement. Enough is enough when it comes to bullies that promote mutilation and Sharia law on our soil. This is because The Quran isn’t the text which will dictate to our courts nor should it dictate to our politicians.

I am not anti-Islam I have read the Quran which can be very spiritual. My priority in writing isn’t for achieving fame to be a facilitator of angry words. I don’t like discrimination in any form including Islamophobia. This is our country which has a National Anthem and many legal documents governing behavior. There is no need for an apology for this situation

Photo gallery of Edmonton
Evening at the Alberta Legislature

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