Journalism versus blogging

Journalism Versus Blogging

Here is a short blog post regarding the topic of Journalism versus Blogging. You can be a savvy tech person or any member of the public who publishes a blog. You can understand more about journalism if you blog on your own or get featured on other blogs.

Definition of JOURNALISM

the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media; the public press; an academic study concerned with the collection and editing of news or the management of a news medium… See the full definition


Definition of BLOG

a website that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks, videos, and photographs provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site… See the full definition

Some More blog terms which reference topics such as marketing your blog

What is a Blog? – Definition, Information, Articles, Tools

A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links. Blogs, or weblogs, started out as a mix of what was happening in a person’s life and what was happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/news site. The word “blog” is a shortened version of web logs or weblogs.

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What is a blog? The term blog is the shortened form of the words web log. Blogs are commentaries on just about any theme going. Themes include everything from personal diaries and sharing of different crafts and projects to business or technology information and entertainment news.

Journalism Versus Blogging

My interest in blogging increased greatly when I began looking into improving my emails. Wanting to write better emails to friends or acquaintances became a strong goal for me. I began taking High School upgrading which took place off “n” on over a number of years which was definitely on after learning about blogging. Someone told me I was already doing it because I was on Myspace. Now I am taking a look at journalism versus blogging

I began blogging on an entertainment platform which increased my reach to clients a bit. Blogging made me look a little more into journalism over the years which I also became interested in. You can’t imagine how excited I get when I’m interested in a subject. Blogging versus journalism is my topic of this post which I will disclose some reasons why I put versus.

With Many Library Trips

With many library trips, I learned how to use Windows Vista then Windows 7. Until looking into those topics I didn’t know the difference between an operating system and a hard drive. Now I am fairly confident that I could open a desktop computer to replace the Hard Drive. I wouldn’t attempt doing that on a Laptop though.

Now I don’t work on vehicles anymore which used to be a somewhat hobby. Blogging is technical enough for me rather than getting into wrenches pliers and hammers. Tech-savvy seems to be my interest though I am not that much technical. I use WordPress which doesn’t require much tech knowledge but some are good if you wish to own a successful blog.

Get Published

I am a blogger that is published on a newspaper’s website which was a huge feeling of accomplishment when I was recruited. Here I don’t list which newspaper I blog on despite having quite a bit of pride regarding my blogging. Being a blogger on a newspaper website makes me feel somewhat like a journalist. A journalist is a step up from blogger but the above definitions and your own research should be able to show you the difference if you’re interested in the topic.

My interest in journalism makes me think of government stories which come from good sources. I am an opinion blogger, so sometimes I am just commenting on newsworthy topics I read about on CBC, NBC, or CNN. They have sources resources and subscribers in abundance.

The Vietnam War is still portrayed in music videos by YouTubers with an interest in that era. From watching YouTube videos I thought I could make a YouTube video which I made more than a dozen so far. My videos aren’t put together professionally they are just me using Windows Movie Maker, and putting together photos to music, or recording my own video with my Sony Handycam.

Some people who learn to do things which I did such as narration may find they can stream on YouTube. I did a few episodes of streaming then stopped. Streaming is something I will do more of later when I get further involved in blog topics which I promote.

Marketing or Monetizing your Blog

Some bloggers have their own products to sell or promote products for other people on their blogs. I am an opinion blogger so mostly if I am going to monetize an opinion blog than it means advertising.

Content is important to an opinion blogger because it is their legitimacy like in journalism which requires cited content. References such as sources can be found in libraries, journals, other publications, or real people.

Here in this article, you should see how easy it was to make my blog post with good looking add-ins from other sites. You can follow this blog along to see how I do things like that over time or possibly from scratch make a YouTube video in the future with motion picture still photography and narration. Have a good day!

Here below is an example of an embedded YouTube video which is quite easy to accomplish with narration music and video

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