Good Photo attachments in WordPress can Give you a Higher SEO score

Good Photo attachments in WordPress can give you a higher SEO score

Lately, I have developed a habit of using the camera on my phone. I snap pictures of my city. My descriptions of good photo attachments in WordPress can give you a higher SEO score. These photo attachments are mostly of government settings such as flags, or local attractions. I take pictures to post on my blog or on YouTube rather than use someone else’s photos. This means even from creative commons. I am now habitually looking for blog or YouTube content around me.

Good photo attachments in WordPress can give you a higher SEO score
Model of Alberta Legislature

I was underground in the legislature recently taking photos. My photos were showing what the provincial government did with its most important building. Edmonton has many sites where you are allowed to take photos. This is as long as you don’t post people or situations which require permission. Using your own photos may get your blog or vlog more views because it is unique.

ALT Text

If you post photo attachments in WordPress may want to look into how to use ALT text. You may want to include other pertinent information regarding your photos. You may want to learn how to get around the 2 MB warning of a picture attachment. It isn’t that hard to figure out things like using tags on YouTube being a no-brainer as well. blog essentials

This wasn’t easy for me to describe in technical terms how to properly use ALT text. I don’t find it easy to explain some technical aspects of blogging. My technical descriptions are missing because I am a hobby blogger not a professional. Writing a detailed manual may be required to properly explain topics which you can implement in moments after reading a book.

Good Photo attachments in WordPress can give you a higher SEO score

WordPress SEO Tip for Beginners – How to Optimize Your Blog Posts

Last updated on by Editorial Staff Often we notice that beginners install and activate the SEO plugins, but they never use it properly. We asked some of our users about it, and their response was “I didn’t know that I was suppose to be doing this”. 

Today I intend on attaching ALT text to my new legislature photos to make them properly visible to other web users. After that, I will make a slideshow to attach to the header of my blog rather than just having the one photo as it is now. The rise of blogs

Take a look at the modifications to my blog if you noticed things before which may have been very basic. I will continue to update my blog technically and point you in the right direction for appropriate content.

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