Edmonton Photo gallery

Photo gallery of Edmonton

It is quite often that I walk around my city of Edmonton. This Edmonton photo gallery is to show people the city I practice my blogging and writing in. In Edmonton, there are many interesting things you can do especially even for low-income people who make use of low-cost bus passes and leisure passes for recreation.

This photo gallery of Edmonton was just me walking around with my Android phone taking pictures which are allowed. Adding photo galleries in WordPress and adding sounds Free from YouTube is easily possible. You can learn from other YouTube videos on how to blog. Jake Deveaux


Take advantage of other people’s content on YouTube by getting ideas for your blog or vlog. Adding a YouTube channel to your social media is quite easy. Making YouTube videos and adding them to your blog can be done quite economically.


In the future, I may add videos to my Photo gallery of Edmonton post. I have a Sony Handycam which I rarely use but know how to use. It is easy to make some videos which can be uploaded to YouTube first then added to my blog or made to directly be placed on my blog. I have used Windows Movie Maker to produce my YouTube videos.



If you look at my gallery it seems that it would take some learning to place in this post. Not much effort is required to learn all the features of WordPress because of the ease of implementing Plug-Ins.

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