Campaigning in Alberta

Alberta politics is heating up in an intense way. You can find the incumbents and rivals to their posts going at it hard daily on social media. Hopefully, some issues will be addressed properly in debates showing who has the answers to Alberta’s questions. I feel so far the Carbon Tax may not be the main issue though it is mentioned on social media often. The oil patch and pipelines can influence not only Alberta but the Nation.

Many people want higher paying jobs or education as well. It is already possible in the province with freezes on tuition as an example. Hopefully, more students will come forward with their remarks especially if they are voting in the next election. I believe many newcomers who have obtained citizenship are counted there as influential voters.

Millennials were a big influence on American politics recently meaning the election of Donald Trump. On social media, culture is a deep influence on how politicians consult the voting public. Religion is being recognized on the campaign trail as well. Many Albertans envision a higher power in their lives and acknowledge that through traditional religious clothing at events or in daily wear.

Rachel Notley has achieved her position and surprised many with her toughness when facing opponents. The Conservative right has two parties one party made up of two former conservative right parties. The Alberta Party seems to be strong in recognizing the culture and Abrahamic Religions. The Abrahamic religions are Judaism Christianity and Islam which are situated for the most part in the Middle East though they have all spread around the world.

Many people are shocked that terror has come to not only the nation’s capital but the capital city of Alberta Edmonton. Those events have most likely been accepted by now as being performed by those with poor mental health. Secularism is rising with the influx of many trusted migrants. Canada has an open border policy especially accepting those with higher educations or needed skills.

Nobody seems to be looking at their neighbors in negative ways which blame culture. Drugs such as opioids are on the rise with many deaths which are being heavily addressed by the Alberta government. This means Canada hasn’t gotten too involved in the issue making it a provincial issue. Gangs seem to be the area that Canada is looking at for many years which includes problem drugs.

Some issues which have drawn my attention are child care and child welfare. For the most part, children are well cared for in the province with most children not being overlooked. Child care can be obtained by low-income people at a reduced cost or free if very low income.

Looking towards voting in the next election has many people looking at popular personalities. I would like to steer people towards seeing what programs they enjoy or those their families may one day benefit from before they are cut. Look at the websites of all Alberta’s political parties for clues to who is the best fit to maintain your lifestyle in the future.

Alberta is a great province being the envy of other provinces for its social programs which can include recreation centers and affordable health care. I am certain that if change doesn’t come we will still be facing a great province if change does come we could be looking at some new programs or cuts to ones we enjoy. However, it turns out we will most likely be the top province for many years to come meaning the expansion of real estate infrastructure and new pipelines. This may be the hardest election to predict in Alberta’s history because of the rising popularity of all the party leaders.

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