A blogger with Average Technical Abilities

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A blogger with Average Technical Abilities Looking to show others

The current event is mostly going to be about blogging on the web. My passion is writing blog posts until I become a published writer. I am a blogger with average technical abilities looking to show others how to develop a blog.

Jake Deveaux


I have two YouTube channels which I intend on putting more work into. I experimented with blogging since 2013 when I opened my first blog that developed over five years. I read on the topic of blogging and wondered when I would find my niche.

A Blogger with Average Technical abilities looking to show others

The niche I found is blogging or all about blogging and web fun in general. I also play an online game Wow or World of Warcraft as a sometimes hobby. I read on how to improve my writing and have now belonged to a few writing groups.

Have goals for your blogging life

I exercise now and gave up some bad habits over the years sort of as a result of seeing what I could attain in blogging. I set other goals along the way. Goals are good especially attaining them online in a written format which can give you a name or identity.

As I develop content to post about on this weblog you will see how fast I post about it. It may be every other day or less often as I can sometimes spend an amount of time on research. Soon I intend on having a blogging schedule to maintain my online lifestyle.

Journal daily

Journal daily to develop your inner life as you can learn to share more of yourself over time. I have a daily journal on the journal platform Penzu a free journaling platform. It is secure online and encrypted if you don’t normally trust having a journal laying around. I am a blogger with average technical abilities looking to show others what my own idea of being a blogger is all about.

Journalism versus blogging

My heart is truly in blogging which I read and read on often including my own writing. Many times I am impressed by the blogs other people have published online.

A blogger with average technical abilities looking to show others

the current event

The Rise of Blogs

The rise of blogs was something I was totally unaware of before 2009. For me the web meant websites and email until then. YouTube, or that you could download music and movies was a bit more on my radar. Many people mentioned how many things there were to do online.

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