My Blog Essentials

My Blog Essentials

Here are My Blog Essentials for building a successful blog other than using HTML or other types of code. You can select a platform from my blog essentials or from somewhere else such as There won’t be that much of a free hand in creating your blog that way. A customized URL is possible if you pay some money to


Having a blog you can customize is much more satisfying plus you learn so much more that way. I have a blog that means mine is self-hosted, so I can do anything I wish within reason. There are other self-hosted platforms I haven’t spent much time in investigating.  I had another blogging platform on my mind at one time, but WordPress seemed much easier to work with.

Link Building

In this article, I will only go into a few more essentials you need to do in order to own a successful blog. Link-building is one important consideration to building a blog with worth someday. There are right ways to building a useful link structure which will help you.


When you have read a blog which has relevance to your blog’s work I can make a recommendation.  Contact that blog by submitting a relevant comment to the blog’s content. Don’t ever get into spam blogging which means submitting comments without reading first. You should know your work as you should know theirs. If it is not relevant to what you do than it was just something you read.

Proper Commenting

If your comment is published then you have started contact with that blog’s administrator. You can continue to read that blog as often as you wish to comment when you feel something. It is essential that it is relevant to promoting your blog before asking to share links. Adding links to WordPress is easy but may not help you unless it is performed right.

That is the recommended way to link building not wasting time or money purchasing products. On this blog, I don’t have comments yet or outside links to other people’s content. In my blogging past, I have had many links added which may have been relevant. Not many other blogs actually shared links with me because my content may not have been relevant to post my link.

Accurate Content

Good accurate writing with proper grammar is another essential, but I don’t always know how my writing is sometimes until after publishing. It is necessary to proofread my posts many times even if I become tired working towards a deadline.

Grammarly has different versions of proofreading to edit grammar, punctuation or offer you more word choices. Grammarly can help you avoid plagiarism if you use the premium version which I subscribe to off “n” on. Yoast SEO can help you have good writing for a blog such as a WordPress as I have seen.

Post Titles

Picking titles to blog posts should be done with care if you want to attract a following. To be found on the web by potential subscribers that will read your posts is like a second career path. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be attained with Plug-ins a lot of the time. Widgets can give your WordPress blog visual appeal.

Content may require research into numerous topics unless it is your field which makes you an authority in your online hobby/career. Libraries are part of my blog essentials and helpful for my blogging knowledge which sometimes includes computer help and workshops. Let’s blog towards a better future and online identity.


Becoming a beginning Blogger

Becoming a Beginning Blogger

Being a writer fascinates me despite knowing what it takes to be published. Journalism is also fascinating to me, but getting the story may take longer than it did for Gary Webb. He is popular now because of Kill the Messenger despite being pronounced dead in 2004. Becoming a beginning blogger isn’t real journalism.

You can’t live beyond your words if you are a writer that has been published. Your words can live forever if it meets an audience. I was interested in becoming a beginning blogger with that interest directing me towards journalism, but I don’t wish to be like him. Believe in democracy, and support elected officials.

Be Truthful Accurate

Let your words be guided by truth but be kind is my motto. If someone is offended by your words then take a look at them if you blog. Right now social media is changing people’s minds on topics many people used to trust. Trust is still there in those who research what they read despite controversy being online.

At this time I am staying away from being controversial.Maybe I could just show people little tips and tricks into becoming a blogger with reach. I have spent a lot of time reading on the topics of blogging advertising and writing. I am not the best in any one of those fields but I do know some things.

Link with Social Media

YouTube is good to be on if you are a blogger looking to trend online in some way. You may not be an entertainer though you could become more popular through social media or blogging. Facebook is a platform I only use for personal reasons now. Twitter is influencing electoral votes like no other social medium.

In my research, I learned the best platform for a beginning blogger like I was would be WordPress. I built websites before from templates and learned a little bit about HTML which is now kind of an outdated topic. There are many types of coding which I don’t understand like Python for instance. You don’t need to know much more than HTML if you ever wish to customize the look of a post on WordPress.

Some people learned WordPress from library books after spending a lot of money buying books on relevant topics. The reason I don’t purchase WordPress books is they aren’t really necessary after a little bit of time online. is available as a learning resource through my library’s website.

Keep Learning is excellent as a learning school for almost any topic a blogger or someone interested in online life would ever need. You can learn how to stream online anything which is possible to stream such as with OBS. I have OBS downloaded onto my computer which is free video streaming software.

I have made YouTube movies using Movie Maker which I downloaded for free from the Microsoft website. It usually comes in a bundle in your windows computer operating system by the way. Not having spent much time on YouTube I still learned how to navigate so I could publish movies on my own channel.

The basics of becoming a followed blogger are, to begin with, your own blog until your work is good enough to get you invited to other blogs. I am featured on another blog site despite not being a real journalist or published writer. A real trick to becoming a new blogger really is to begin somewhere.

A blogger with Average Technical Abilities

A blogger with Average Technical Abilities

The current event is mostly going to be about blogging on the web. My passion is writing blog posts until I become a published writer. I am a blogger with average technical abilities looking to show others.


I have two YouTube channels which I intend on putting more work into. I experimented with blogging since 2013 when I opened my first blog that developed over five years. I read on the topic of blogging and wondered when I would find my niche.

The niche I found is blogging or all about blogging and web fun in general. I also play an online game Wow or World of Warcraft as a sometimes hobby. I read on how to improve my writing and have now belonged to a few writing groups.

Have goals for your blogging life

I exercise now and gave up some bad habits over the years sort of as a result of seeing what I could attain in blogging. I set other goals along the way. Goals are good especially attaining them online in a written format which can give you a name or identity.

As I develop content to post about on this weblog you will see how fast I post about it. It may be every other day or less often as I can sometimes spend an amount of time on research. Soon I intend on having a blogging schedule to maintain my online lifestyle.

Journal daily

Journal daily to develop your inner life as you can learn to share more of yourself over time. I have a daily journal on the journal platform Penzu a free journaling platform. It is secure online and encrypted if you don’t normally trust having a journal laying around. I am a blogger with average technical abilities looking to show others what my own idea of being a blogger is all about.

My heart is truly in blogging which I read and read on often including my own writing. Many times I am impressed by the blogs other people have published online.